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Reserve a marque specific club stand to keep all your members car together. Marque specific club stands are only available for eligible show vehicles – i.e., marques that are no longer in manufacture.

Club stands are available free of charge on the understanding that the club will promote the show to its membership via all available media (publications, website, social media or via email).

Space will be offered to accommodate a 3x3m pop up shelter plus space for your members cars around the stand.

Car clubs booking stand space are welcome to sell club only regalia, memberships and promote their club. Trading of any other form from a club stand is not permitted.

To book club stand space, we will require a minimum of four eligible cars. Each participating show car will need to purchase an event ticket online. Please complete the form and return by 31st May 2023 to confirm your club space at the event.

For help or further information on Festival of the Dead, please email

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